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Shortbread Cookies

Hilton Waikoloa Village - Big Island, Hawaii


8 oz Cold Unsalted Butter (2 sticks)
1/2 cups Sugar
2 cups Sifted All Purpose Flour
Pinch Salt


Combine the butter and the sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer until smooth. Add the flour and the salt and continue mixing until the dough comes together.

Lightly flour a rolling board and roll the dough out approximately, but not less than, 1/4 inch tick. Cut out the dough with a cookie cutter. Place on a sheet pan that is lined with parchment paper. Bake the cookies for approximately 45 minutes or until firm.

For Macadamia Nut Shortbread Cookies
(or with any other type of nuts)

Add 1/2 cup finely ground toasted macadamia nuts to the basic recipe.

This dough may be chilled in refrigerator for a short time to make handling easier.

Courtesy of Executive Pastry Chef David Brown, Hilton Waikoloa Village - Big Island, Hawaii.

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