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Turks and Caicos

Beautiful by Nature 

About Turks and Caicos:  Relatively unknown except to scuba divers and lovers of beautiful beaches, the islands of Turks and Caicos are the Caribbean's best kept secret.  A visit here is ideal for romantics who seek a relaxing vacation in a peaceful, natural setting.  

The Turks and Caicos Islands and many smaller cays at the southeastern tip of the Bahamas chain.

Providenciales, known as Provo, is the most developed of all the islands, complete with an international airport and several major resort hotels.  Breathtaking nature preserves have stunning sites including salt lake, caves and limestone cliffs.

The 200 mile Barrier Reef system surrounding the Caicos Islands is 65 miles wide.  Here, seasonal divers can explore the vibrant marine life and tranquil waters with 200 feet visibility.

Climate:  Temperatures run near 80°F in the winter and can jump into mid 90°F during the summer.  A prevalent breeze makes the islands seem a bit cooler than the temperatures indictate, and although they are fairly dry, they are susceptible to seasonal hurricanes.

Documents:  U.S. and Canadian citizens require proof of citizenship such as a passport or birth certificate or voter registration plus photo ID, as well as a return or ongoing ticket.   A driver's license is not a valid proof of citizenship.   Citizens from all other countries must present a valid passport.

Currency:  U.S. Dollars.

Electricity:  125 volts AC; U.S. appliances are compatible.

Taxes and Tipping:   The departure tax is US$15 

Time:  Eastern Standard Time

Languages:  English.

Marriage Requirements:   There is a 24-hour waiting period.   A license takes about three days to process.   Documents needed include proof of divoce of death (if applicable).   The fee is $50.

Beaches Turk & Caico
Beaches Turk & Caico