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Where the Fun Shines Night and Day

About CuraÇao:  CuraÇao is where tropical charm, Latin style, a proud African heritage and European sophistication meet in the Caribbean.  The fun shines night and day on 38 beaches, 65 world-class dive sites, unique family attractions, historic monuments, museums and more.  Explore by day feeding sharks and ostriches, discover a secluded white-sand cove, or ride horseback through a national park.  By evening be ready to dance the night away, listen to hot jazz and enjoy some of the Caribbean's best cuisine under the stars.  All this plus year-round events and festivals from Carnival to Salsa and a welcoming people make CuraÇao an ideal Caribbean vacation Destination.

Climate:  CuraÇao is outside the hurricane belt and the sun shines every day.  The average temperature is 82°F, while 13-knot tradewinds keep things cool and humidity low even under the tropical sun.

Documents:  U.S. citizens must present either a passport or birth certificate with photo ID.   A driver's license is not a valid proof of citizenship.   Canadian citizens and Citizens from all other countries must present a valid passport.

Currency:  Netherlands Antilles Florin US$1=NAF 1.78; U.S. Dollars widely accepted.

Electricity:  125 volts/50 AC; U.S. appliances are compatible.

Taxes and Tipping:   The departure tax is US$12.50 

Time:  CuraÇao is on Atlantic Standard Time, which is the same as Eastern Daylight Time, but one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

Languages:  Dutch and Papiamento.   Spanish and English are also widely spoken.

Marriage Requirements:   One of the partners should be a resident of CuraÇao.   Documents required include birth certificate and Certificate of Civil Status.   If divorced, Certificate of Registration and if widowed, Death Certificate are also required.   License takes two weeks after application.   Applications can be made on Wednesdays only.   Fees vary from free to $4.