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What is it that makes Europe the world's most exciting vacation destination?

Arc de Triomphe

Come home with us to Europe

Europe is often called the cradle of civilisation, for people from around the world can trace their origins back to this most fascinating and inviting of all continents. A vacation in Europe is a special event, because to many it is almost like going home. A magical journey, maybe to discover your roots and to be back among friends and family.

Unquestionably the most exciting vacation destination on earth

When it comes to spine tingling excitement, there is no finer vacation destination on earth. History and tradition surrounds you wherever you go, with scenes that leap out from the pages of history books, more vivid and exciting than Hollywood could ever hope to rival. Europe is the ancestral home of art and culture with museums and galleries displaying the world's most famous and priceless works of art. Europe is tradition and pageantry unrivalled anywhere else on earth, a heady bombardment of the senses that will delight and amaze you wherever your journey takes you.


The Best of Italy
European Highlights

Italy's Great Cities
Notre Dame
Paris & London
Travi Fountain
Rome, Florence & Venice
Arc de Triomphe
Paris & SW France


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